Writing tip: Email yourself those “brilliant” late-night ideas so you don’t forget. 😂

An email to myself with the subject line "Space Weevils."

I don’t like being stationary for too long. And Traveling Bear likes it even less.

It was a glorious 4200 word morning and my fingers are sore.


I should probably be taking breaks. 🖐 🤚

Watching: Welcome to the Hellmouth (BTVS Season 1, Episode 1) 👱🏻‍♀️ 📺

We filter the world through our perspective and reject much of what we hear out of hand. Art is sneaky though. It’s hard to argue with a painting.

What a rare treat it is to feel hopeful about the future. 🇺🇸

Humor isn’t black-and-white but sarcastic street stickers usually are. 📷

A sticker of Trump's face on a street pole. the text says "Bunker Bitch"A large sticker on a blue dumpster proclaims: "That's Fucking Bananas"

I’m working on my next cruise ship mystery, and my brain is “helping” by playing the Piña Colada song at full volume every morning.

Me: I need coffee


🍹 🏝 🚢

We couldn’t go to Paris for our 20th anniversary so we settled for daytripping to a French bakery. 🇫🇷

#mbaug 📷

A quaint bakery with glass cases, white walls, and chalkboard signage.