It was a glorious 4200 word morning and my fingers are sore.


I should probably be taking breaks. 🖐 🤚

Discovered on today’s walk: Angels among the rocks. 📷

On a bed of small round rocks six larger angular rocks sit. each one is painted with a stylized angel with white wings and a halo.

Watching: Welcome to the Hellmouth (BTVS Season 1, Episode 1) 👱🏻‍♀️ 📺

We filter the world through our perspective and reject much of what we hear out of hand. Art is sneaky though. It’s hard to argue with a painting.

I’m delighted by author Wayne Stinnett’s “Beard-O-Meter” writing tracker. Now if I only had a beard…

I like the sound of rain on canvas. 📷

What a rare treat it is to feel hopeful about the future. 🇺🇸

My main form of transportation is walking. 📷

Cheri's feet on the sidewalk atop a yellow painted square.

Good morning. ☀️ ☕️

A white mug of coffee in a city window.

Windows 📷

Seattle skyscrapers peek through a grid of diamond-shaped windows at the Seattle Public Library.

Humor isn’t black-and-white but sarcastic street stickers usually are. 📷

A sticker of Trump's face on a street pole. the text says "Bunker Bitch"A large sticker on a blue dumpster proclaims: "That's Fucking Bananas"

I’m working on my next cruise ship mystery, and my brain is “helping” by playing the Piña Colada song at full volume every morning.

Me: I need coffee


🍹 🏝 🚢

I can’t complain about the view from today’s walk!

#mbaug 📷

zig zagging cement stairs below. Older concrete buildings on the left and right. Four skyscrapers in the center, reflecting in the sun.

We couldn’t go to Paris for our 20th anniversary so we settled for daytripping to a French bakery. 🇫🇷

#mbaug 📷

A quaint bakery with glass cases, white walls, and chalkboard signage.

It’s raining! 🌧

A meme with three panels. A man getting progressively more excited as the forecast goes from clouds to rain to heavy showers. in the final panel he's almost falling out of his chair.


#mbaug 📷

I’m preparing my next spy novel for beta readers today. 🕵🏼‍♀️ Woot!

I’m always chasing that Flow state while I’m writing.

#mbaug 📷

Cheri's desk. With a blue filing cabinet and framed book covers on the wall.

Liked 👍🏼 The Endless Doomscroller

It’s a real time saver.

A peaceful moment.

#mbaug 📷

Bug-sized humans. Also, I miss traveling!

#mbaug 📷

I’d pay good money to see a Waiting for Godot-style stage play with Starscream and Eric Cartman.

Floating #mbaug 📷

Up! 📷 #mbaug

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