Merry Christmas, micronauts. If Robot Santa put you on his naughty list, run!

We ran into Santa today! Nordstrom has him inside the store like a turtle in a terrarium. πŸŽ…

Cheri turns back to look at Santa. He's behind the glass inside a display area at Nordstrom department store

I’m celebrating one month without Twitter. πŸ₯³ May my streak continue!

A meme. A man (me) whistles at a girl (Peace & Mental clarity) while his horrified girlfriend (Twitter) watches.

Yippee-kai-yay, micro bloggers!

Big clouds today. ☁️

Dramatic white clouds hang low over the gray waters of Elliott Bay.

The sun came out today. β˜€οΈ

Two cargo trains on the tracks alongside a waterfront park in Seattle.

Chapter 26 of Kat Voyzey #4 has me like:

We saw dozens of people fishing for small squid on the waterfront this afternoon. Not a typical sight.

Two men fish on a concrete pier. A small boat out on the bay has fishermen in the back.

LOL. My sweary private investigator is getting flagged by the Word police.

A word processor pops up an "offensive language" warning for the phrase: And I was done with that shit.

Never invite a sleuth to your party. 😜

Jessica Fletcher from Murder she wrote holds a phone, looks surprised, and says she wasnt invited ti the wedding because people turn up dead wherever she goes.

I have the cooped-up pandemic blahs today, but a walk helped. πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ

Looking down on Western Ave near pike place market beneath cloudy gray skies.

The mountain is out. πŸ“·

Electronics Practice: LCD Display

Arduino success! My first LCD message is dedicated to Crow. T. Robot from the satellite of love. πŸ€– πŸŽ₯

A small blue LCD screen reads: Bite Me!

We took the day off to go hiking at the arboretum. It was chilly but beautiful. πŸ™‚

A messy tangle of evergreen trees and bushes. Shade and sun intermixed.

Sun break!

Sailboats float lazily at the dock.The rocky Seattle waterfront meets deep blue water with wind-roughened waves.

A photo from today’s walk: Wocka-Wocka!

A red Pacman ghost painted on the ground. Cheri's sneakers peep into the frame.

Photo of the Day: Pike Place Market

Golden light spills out of low glass and steel buildings in front of a cluster of twilight skyscrapers.

The Amazon spheres look pretty at night.

A spherical glass bulding on a street corner looks like a luminous soap bubble filled with tropical plants.

It’s windy and wild today!

rough blue water with jagged waves beneath a smeary yellow sun.

A late fall walk to get coffee. β˜•οΈ 🍁

The Space Needle rises out of a cluster of green and red trees with half their leaves gone. The sky is milky white and gray. A dome-like fountais sprays jets of water 15 feet high to the left of the frame.

Photo of the day: The waterfront is under construction.

The Seattle waterfront at sunset looks messy due to construction equipment and cranes cluttering the water side. A row of cars lines up on Alaskan way toward the camera. Columbia Street's big green street sign hangs above the road.

Photo of the day: Crunchy!

brown crunchy leaves on a sidewalk striped with shadows

Photo of the Day: Through the Black Sun

A oval-shaped view of the Space Needle as seen through a black stone sculpture called The Black Sun

Today’s lesson: switches!

A red LED lights up on a plastic electronics breadboard. Cheri points to a tiny mechanical button.

It was a pretty afternoon at Volunteer Park.

A grouping of trees in a grassy park. Red, gold, and green leaves.