2:10pm in Seattle, WA. I’m hanging out with Patrick and reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. Posted for:A Day in the Life

The Woodland Park Zoo has a nice setup. Timed tickets, limited occupancy, one-way walking routes, and watchful staff directing traffic.

Four giraffes and three gazellea hanging out in a hilly meadow with one impressive leafy tree.

Elliott Bay in October 🍁

A small boat moves through a darkly reflective body of water. The sun is a pale orb behind a thin veil of clouds.

When one pier falls, another one rises. Today, we had afternoon coffee on the brand new Pier 62. So roomy!

The Seattle skyline is blue and gray against a gray sky. A large concrete pier, very clean and flat is dotted with tables. To the far right, the water of Elliott bay is choppy. The Great Wheel is a round feature in the distance.

Soon 🤨

The Washington State Voters Guide (and Cheri's feet by the fireplace)

Fall has arrived! 🍁 🎃

Orangey-red leaves scattered across a pale gray sidewalk. Cheri & P’s toes peep into the photo.

Photo of the Day: We found Colonel Mustard! 🕵🏼‍♀️

A BMW mini car, mustard yellow, with an image of Colonel Mustard from Clue on the side.

Photo of the Day: Kamakura Japan

A beautiful Zen garden with trees, pink flowering bushes, mossy rocks, and a stream. Koi float upstream.

Photo of the Day: The View from Gasworks Park

The shimmering blue water of lake union fills up the frame. A small pleasure boat motors by. On the sunny horizon, the Seattle skyline with the stick-like Space Needle on the right hand side.

From yesterday’s city hike: The Fremont Troll. 🚶‍♀️ 🚶‍♂️

A twenty foot tall troll sculpture crawls out from beneath a bridge in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood. His eyeball is painted silver and he has a VW beetle crushed in one long-fingered hand.

Today’s Coffee: Caffé al Peppe with honey, nutmeg, and pepper. ☕️

Until today, I’d never seen a praying mantis in Washington State. Cool little creature. Very alien looking.

A praying mantis hides well on a stubby brown and green plant, blending in like a fat stick.

I dig the new iOS layout. Very bubbly.

Groupings of large and small app icons on the iOS14 app page.

We’re moving out of the purple. Well, that’s something!

Outside, I can hear a man howling like a wolf. ARROOOOOOOOOOOO…

2020, man. 😂

An air quality indicator shows red, or "unhealthy" air. Purple is worse than red.

Petsitting day 5: Simba is wistful for a simpler time.

Petsitting day four: letting it all hang out.

An obese tabby cat lays on her back with her feet in the air.

That awkward moment when the pets you’re sitting say, “You’re not my real mom!”

A tabby cat and an orange tabby cat face away. the orange tabby has a cone collar around his neck.

Poor Simba is in a cone. Extra chin scritches, please! 🐈

Hmm… I feel an urge to re-read Dune.

skyscrapers almost disappear into the orangey gloom of wildfire smoke in Seattle.

Fun Fact: Darmok was the original king of memes. Link

Darmok from Star Trek says: Philip J Fry, his eyes squinted, his thoughts unsure.

A photo from today’s walk. ☀️ Ah, the sun! It BURNS.

Yeah, Texans. I know I’m a heat wimp. 😉

A path in the shrubbery opens up to a rocky beach. Distant skyscrapers blend into the blue sky.

We’re playing hooky today. Nature is calling! 🌲

A hiking overlook with low hills in the distance.A sun dappled forest path.

I ❤️ Seattle

Sunset at the end of a pier. A ferry in the water. A post laden with skinny directional signs is dark in the foreground.A path of reflective water between two piers on the Seattle waterfront. Blue-orange sunset lighting. The Great Wheel in neon to the right.blocky steel and glass buildings reflect the light of the sunset.The Puget Sound at Sunset with a view of The Great Wheel. A seagull soats abobe the rippled blue water.

Well. It seems we’re entering the home stretch, America. So Joe and Kamala can…

Fry says: Shut up and take my money!

Good morning. ☀️

A plastic Godzilla casts a scary shadow on the wall behind him.