Today, I enjoyed menacing my husband with a homemade UFO. (instructions here) πŸ‘½

When the cranberry juice skateboard guy shows up in the inaugural parade:

Leo Decaprio points at his television meme

You nudged me over the edge, @miraz & @crossingthethreshold πŸ˜„ I picked up a Kindle on my lunch break.

A Kindle Paperwhite showing the title page of The Sword of Shannara

I ordered myself a shiny new doodad. 🀩

The Circuit Playground Express: a round PCB board with colored LEDS and many programmable components.

I can’t bring myself to pay for the WSJ; not since they pulled that sexist crap with Dr. Biden, but I’ll read a borrowed copy.

Roku wants to buy Quibi? Weird flex, Roku. I hope it works out for you.

This is America πŸ’”

A collection of news feeds from the chaotic US Capital

Micronauts and word nerds: Can anyone tell me what a zucchini is called in British English? My internet research says courgette or marrow. Are those equivalent?

green zucchini, some sliced.

Finished Reading: Amazon Ads Unleashed: Advanced Publishing and Marketing Strategies for Indie Authors by Robert J Ryan. πŸ“š

I guess it’s time to throw ad dollars into Amazon’s gaping maw. Here goes nothing!

A still of two figures standing nex to the Star Wars Sarlac pit: A gaping toothed mouth in the desert large enough to swallow a house.

Covid signage reminds me we’re living through a historically significant event. I can visualize textbooks of the future describing these strange times, showing the ways we lived through it.

My feet next to a yellow sidewalk marker. The numeral 6 is next to the line.A code of conduct sign for responsible shoppers. I WILL avoid touching products! I WILL ask a vendor for assistance. I WILL look for markers and signs.

I’m disassembling LEGO sets to make more room. My Doctor Who set is still my favorite.

A LEGO tardis, daleks, and a weeping Angel minifig

I love this winter light.

A small fishing boat on pewter colored water, beneath a dramatic cloudy sky.

Perhaps I’ll go for a walk. 😝

A skeleton on a park bench. Text reads: Waiting for DNS to propagate

Once upon a time, I was Wonder Woman 1982. ☺️

Merry Christmas, micronauts. If Robot Santa put you on his naughty list, run!

We ran into Santa today! Nordstrom has him inside the store like a turtle in a terrarium. πŸŽ…

Cheri turns back to look at Santa. He's behind the glass inside a display area at Nordstrom department store

I’m celebrating one month without Twitter. πŸ₯³ May my streak continue!

A meme. A man (me) whistles at a girl (Peace & Mental clarity) while his horrified girlfriend (Twitter) watches.

Yippee-kai-yay, micro bloggers!

Big clouds today. ☁️

Dramatic white clouds hang low over the gray waters of Elliott Bay.

The sun came out today. β˜€οΈ

Two cargo trains on the tracks alongside a waterfront park in Seattle.

Chapter 26 of Kat Voyzey #4 has me like:

We saw dozens of people fishing for small squid on the waterfront this afternoon. Not a typical sight.

Two men fish on a concrete pier. A small boat out on the bay has fishermen in the back.

LOL. My sweary private investigator is getting flagged by the Word police.

A word processor pops up an "offensive language" warning for the phrase: And I was done with that shit.

Never invite a sleuth to your party. 😜

Jessica Fletcher from Murder she wrote holds a phone, looks surprised, and says she wasnt invited ti the wedding because people turn up dead wherever she goes.

I have the cooped-up pandemic blahs today, but a walk helped. πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ

Looking down on Western Ave near pike place market beneath cloudy gray skies.

The mountain is out. πŸ“·